The season of change


I love the changing seasons and don’t really have a favourite one. I adore seeing the new growth of spring after the loneliness and cold of winter. But even winter in its own way brings warmth and the promise of fires, friends and Christmas and the hope of new things round the corner with the dawn of a new year.

Recently I was chatting with someone about life’s changing seasons. Sometimes when we are caught up in the business of our daily routine, we are too busy to notice that there are changes happening in our lives that we need to be aware of. Sometimes it takes a holiday or break from the routine to make you SLOW down, relax and look at your life from a different and calmer perspective.

What happens is that you recharge your batteries, look at what’s important to you and realise that what you are doing is not lining up with who you really are. Your life is changing and you haven’t noticed the changes till now. Friends you used to hang out with have moved on. Circumstances are different. The work you felt so passionately about doesn’t seem as exciting as it once was. Perhaps you didn’t notice your partner was looking really tired lately or that your best friend needed help through a family crisis. When was the last time you REALLY looked into your husband’s eyes, held him tight and told him you loved him so much? It took ages for my husband and I to finally book a babysitter and have time for ourselves but we were so glad we did because we had such fun when we went out!



Maybe you need to sit down and look at your priorities and decide that you need attention too. Maybe you need to stop putting off things so much and begin to be more proactive in reaching a goal you wanted to achieve or ticking something off that bucket list you have before it’s too late!

This year alone we have as a family gone on holiday (we hadn’t had a proper one for 7 years!), we have made new friends, become more organised, embarked on several large DIY projects and home improvements and built in time in our days to socialise and relax! I have also changed career and attend college each week to study floristry! Life is more balanced and we are happier people and parents as a result.

What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to wait till tomorrow to book that holiday, call that friend or cuddle your children – today is a new day friends and it’s never too late to seize the day! Because whether we like it or not things change in our lives, the seasons change, friends change and the sun still sets at the end of the day. What new thing will YOU do today to embrace your tomorrows?












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