A moment in time… Tooty Fruity Cinnabons!

As we all know the cake business is a bit like the tide – you get an ebb and flow and rushes of activity and then you get those magic moments where time seems to stand still and you want them to last forever!

There is one moment in time I get to enjoy with my children that is really worth the effort. I go for the easy life and whip out my breadmaker for these babies – Cinnabons!

The moment I enjoy the most is the sound of silence and then the ooh’s and ahhs and the sound of licking sticky fingers as little people ask- “Mum can I have another?” It’s a kind of tear and share experience in our household and you don’t have to be a perfect baker to make them!

Yes – those moments are the ones I cherish because you never bake just one Cinnabon – Oh NO!- there’s always a cinnamon oozing packed tray full of them. So if you want to share my secrets for keeping up there with “the bestest MOM in the world”,  then read on and indulge in your own secret moment with a cup of your favourite brew 🙂


Tooty Fruity Cinnabons


Serves: 12

  • For the dough
  • 250ml (8 fl oz) warm milk (45 C)
  • 2 eggs, room temperature
  • 75g (3 oz) butter, melted
  • 600g (1 1/3 lb) white bread flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 100g (4 oz) caster sugar
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons quick yeast
      For the filling

  • 225g (8 oz) dark brown soft sugar
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
  • 75g (3 oz) butter, softened
  • 150-200g of mixed dried fruit ( optional but my kids love it!)

For the icing

  • 100g (4 oz) cream cheese, softened
  • 50g ( 2oz) butter softened
  • 200g (7 oz) icing sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • Few teaspoons of lemon juice

Prep: 20min  plus proving time of 1-2 hours , then cook for 15min

  1. Place ingredients for dough in the pan of the bread machine in the order recommended by the manufacturer. I add flour, yeast and sugar and salt and then add the melted butter, milk and eggs. Select your sweet dough cycle; press start and watch your machine do it’s magic!
  2. After the dough has doubled in size ( usually an hour later)  turn it out onto a lightly floured surface, cover and let rest for 10 minutes. In a small bowl, combine brown sugar and cinnamon.
  3. Roll dough with your rolling pin into a 40x50cm (18×20 in) rectangle. Spread dough with 75g butter and sprinkle evenly with sugar/cinnamon mixture. Add mixed fruit by sprinkling fruit all over the rectangle. Roll up dough and cut into 12 slices. Place buns in a lightly greased 23x33cm (9×13 in) baking tin. Cover and let rise until nearly doubled – takes about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat oven to 200 C / Gas mark 6.

Bake buns in preheated oven until golden brown, about 15 minutes.  While buns are baking, beat together cream cheese, butter, icing sugar, vanilla, salt and lemon juice. Spread half the icing on warm rolls after they come out of the oven – some will melt into them and then spread the remaining icing over them after they have cooled for a bit! Go on slop it on!

1462885_10152545358726992_1834493740_nEat and enjoy your moment 🙂

PS –

If you don’t have a bread machine, you can do the folowing instead: Dissolve the yeast in the warm milk in a large bowl. Mix in the sugar, butter, salt and eggs. Add flour and mix well. Knead the dough into a large ball, using your hands dusted lightly with flour. Put in a bowl, cover and let rise in a warm place about 1 hour, or until doubled in size. Follow the recipe from step 3 onwards.