Cupcakes to Cricklade / Embracing change

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a Townie and having lived in Bournemouth the last eight years AND being from a seaside town in Ireland wondered why anyone would ever want to leave the sheer bliss of living by the seaside? Well, I have just gone though my own ‘Escape to the Country’ recently and am still reeling from the after effects!

Crabbing at Mudeford with the Peckhams

When my husband suggested we would relocate here just over three months ago, never did I think it would become a reality. Nope – my feet were planted in Bournemouth, and just the thought of moving made me weak in the knees. However there is something exciting about a new location that can get your curiosity juices flowing. The ‘what if’ then becomes a “OH my gosh I’m actually doing it!!!!”


                  Weymouth with Daniel and the boys

You see the crux of the matter is that I could see the excitement of a permanent job as a twinkle in my husband’s eyes. The wonder of someone praising his experience gave my wonderful man a new lease of life. His future employers wanted to train him, put him on courses and the lure of that, was the incentive to get us all moving forwards – dreaming for a life that was totally different from the one we were living. When I married him I chose to be wherever he was, and couldn’t be apart from him a moment longer.

Karin my packing Fairy

Sometimes the moving was painful for me as I realized that I would only see my beloved girlfriends ( like Karin above!) and daughter Sophe when I was traveling back to Bournemouth. To say goodbye to our home was also difficult, as well as realizing that we were all having to adapt and adjust to a life elsewhere. When “Moving Day” finally arrived our friends and our daughter’s friends had finally made it all possible.

Our children have been wonderful. They have embraced the “New Day” with excitement and wonder. They have studied bugs, flies and insects they’ve never seen before and enjoyed the slower pace of life that inevitably comes when you are stuck behind a tractor down a country lane! They have thrown themselves into their new school and made new friends who love them as much as their old ones did. We still keep in touch with our friends and have many more happy times to share together.


Change is not always easy but we learn to adapt, go along with the flow and sense a new beginning for us in our new home here.

Chilling at South Cerney Lakes

So now is a time of looking forward and seeing what God has for us in this new season of our lives. It is lovely waking up in our new home and wondering what each day will bring. Finally we are all together and my husband comes home every night to us and not a hotel room!

And cupcakes? Yes, I bake them every now and again – it’s a good idea to share them when you are saying hello to your new neighbors and friends!