Cupcake Camp – what’s it all about?

Everyone’s asking what’s a Cupcake Camp – is it a girl guide Camp where you eat nothing but cake? I’m here to straighten the record!

CupcakeCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and eat cupcakes in an open environment. It originated in the States (embracing all things cupcake!) when the founder of Cupcake Camp, Aerial Waldman hosted the first ever Cupcake Camp in May 2008 in San Francisco. Aerial and her friends decided to organize the event due to the San Francisco demand for cupcake events (they were terribly jealous of all the New York cupcake events!). People can participate by buying or baking cupcakes to bring, or just simply by showing up to eat them.¬†Along the way Cupcake Camps have become great ways of raising money for charity as it’s always worth supporting a good cause.

And so it was when I decided to organize Cupcake Camp Bournemouth, I just couldn’t find anywhere you could enjoy a good day out with friends and family and enjoy the mouth watering loveliness of a good cupcake. I knew I could bake, ¬†but could I get other bakers to run with the idea too? I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that I thought I may as well run one and see how it goes! The Cupcake Camp in 2011 at the Poole Lighthouse was such a HUGE success that when I was asked to run the second Cupcake Camp in 2012, I decided to join forces with Melanie Kiani of Simply Events to make this year’s event bigger and better. This year we are supporting the NSPCC Childline and have Esther Rantzen opening up the Camp – 17th of March at the Pavilion, Bournemouth – it starts at 2pm so be early as we will have LOTS of people there!

We’ll also have a Live Show as well as plenty of stallholders selling everything from soaps to crafts to Cake related products so you can treat your mum on Mother’s Day as well as fun, facepainting, cake decorating and competitions! YAY it’s going to be amazing!

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Here’s a snippet of last year’s Cupcake Camp