Vintage…retro…what shall it be?

I really love all things Vintage and this weekend has been a wonderful one beginning with me getting in the Vintage feel and experimenting with Vintage Cupcakes. My friend Nicola Hargadon runs a fabulous company called Millie Green and I so often admire all the delightful Retro/Vintage style goods she gets in and it made me realize how much it reminds me of my Mum and her love of Vintage too. So I thought I’d marry my two loves together in baking Nicola some Millie Green Vintage Cupcakes. Perhaps we really are seeing a return to ‘The good old days” where folk celebrated in a community sense and enjoyed life in a more laid back way. I do believe sometimes we need to slow down and appreciate each other more. Many people say that we always return to era we felt most comfortable with.

Today I visited Boscombe Vintage Market with my friend Barbara and we were amazed at the wonderful array of memorabilia on for sale and we felt like we’d entered a different time zone as all the stallholders got into the Vintage feel by dressing up. The market takes place on the first Saturday of every month at the Crescent in Boscombe.  It was certainly very chilled at the market today and everyone was smiling and friendly – such a change from other markets – we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and picked up a few bargains to boot!

Here’s my attempt at Vintage on my Vintage Montage showcasing my cupcakes which all my friends enjoyed thoroughly!

Bring on the Vintage I say!