Texting by cupcake!

Maybe it’s something in the air about the prospect of a forthcoming Royal Wedding and the fact that Prince William has finally asked Kate Midleton to marry him. Well we now can announce we’ve had a first at Cake Heaven – send your message to your loved one by cake – just like texting we can produce your message on a cupcake! Oh yeah! Girls the guys have finally cottoned on that we love all things cake and it’s quite frankly the way to a girls heart!

So when we were approached recently by a rather shy young man, we were delighted to fulfill his wish and send his girlfriend a wonderful box of our Lemon Curd cupcakes and romantic and creamy Vanilla Raspberry cupcakes but with one slight difference…

“Lisa will you marry me?” Awwww and her answer?

She said YES! Don’t you love a good romance?

So if you want to send your loved one a message (I’m getting my hat soon!) why not give Cake Heaven a call 01202 551900- she’ll be glad you did! xxxxx


“It’s cupcakes Jim – but not as we know it!”

Just when some people would lead you to believe that the humble cupcake has had its moment, it then gets re-invented into something else! In a crowded market of fluffy sponge and extravagant icing you have to do something different to stand out from the crowd. Cake Heaven therefore is excited to announce the  launch of an amazing new product  called Heaven’s Cupcake in a Jar. It’s a new concept for cake lovers in the UK but Margaret’s skill in baking cakes has meant that she is confident that her ‘Heaven’s Cupcake in a Jar’ will be a huge hit with her regular cake customers and she even has orders coming in after recent Taster sessions. The concept is simple – your cupcake comes in a jar and you just keep it in the fridge for up to eight days and eat as much or as little of it as you like with a spoon. It’s best eaten at room temperature. Just try to resist the temptation to eat it all in one go! Heaven’s Cupcake in a Jar can also be stored in the freezer for up to six weeks and is perfect after defrosting for a refreshing dessert or treat. This means that the shelf life of the humble cupcake is extended for your pleasure and indulgence. (Normal cupcakes only last for two days). There’s even a recycling scheme attached to buying the cakes because if customers return their jars to Bagel Heaven they can claim 50p off the cost of their next one.

Following Taster trials with fans of Cake Heaven the reaction to the new product were “Wow – love them!” “I’m in heaven!” and “Absolutely delicious!” The favourites were Choccywoccyoodah and Red Velvet, followed closely by Somewhere over the Rainbow and Coffee Mocha. Many of the tasters said that they’d be a great gift to give to friends for Christmas.

Flavours include – Cookies ’n cream, Nutty Choffee, Vicky Spongewich, Blondie, Coffee Mocha, Red Velvet – moist red velvet sponge layered with cream cheese icing, Choccywoccyoodah and Somewhere over the Rainbow – an amazingly colourful rainbow sponge sandwiched with raspberry and vanilla buttercream and decorated with a fondant flower and edible glitter.

Prices for each Heaven’s Cupcake in a Jar are £2.99 each no matter what flavours take your fancy! They’re on sale from Wednesday 10th of November. You can contact Margaret at Bagel and Cake Heaven on 01202 551900 to place your orders. Bagel and Cake Heaven is a family business specializing in bagels, celebration cakes and cupcakes at 57 Westover Road, Bournemouth.

Margaret was a finalist in September for the Best Saleswoman Award at the Mumpreneur Conference, and she was also a runner up in the Taste of Dorset Awards recently for her biscuits and cakes at Cake Heaven.

Website: http://www.cakeheaven.webs.com