Lakeland cake maker – product review

Imagine my delight when I saw that Lakeland Plastics were doing a worktop cupcake baker a bit like a sandwich maker only for cupcakes! Dreams of no more ovens and hard slog baking sprang to mind – a bit like the spring you get from a sponge when it bounces back and you know it’s baked. So after very little persuasion I bought one and here’s the blurb from Lakeland…

“Scrumptious home-made cupcakes without having to turn the oven on? Sounds too good to be true, but with Lakeland’s new machine, it’s as simple as making a toasted sandwich, and they’re ready in no time!

Just like a sandwich maker, our cute cupcake creator is extremely easy to use – plug it in and lights indicate when it’s ready; follow one of the included recipes, pour in the mix and in 9 to 10 minutes your cupcakes are baked to perfection!

With premium non-stick coating. For best results, use cupcake cases.”

Excitedly I mixed up the mixture – the cupcake maker comes with a small recipe book. However I did forget their warning about using cupcake cases – what they mean is use FAIRY – CAKE cases which are much smaller than cupcake cases and therefore the height of the cupcake cases is compromised in the baking.

After eight minutes you should check the cupcakes and I was itching to lift the lid. The cupcakes sprang back so they were cooked. I was really disappointed to see the mishapen very PALE cupcakes before me. Not to be outdone I thought well maybe they taste good but when I unpeeled the wrapper the base of the cake was overcooked and looked burnt!

Lakeland I’m sorry but you haven’t quite cracked it for me – back to the ovens and at least I can use my no quibble money back guarantee! Points out of 10: = 2 for the recipe book!

Please note I love Lakeland for everything else – I spend loads of money there on equipment but I still think they can improve on this gadget.

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Wow shortlisted!

It’s always nice to be acknowledged for your hard work and effort and I have been shortlisted for the Best Saleswoman award by the Mumpreneur Awards team. It would be absolutely incredible to win this award because it would be the fulfillment of a dream to finally have someone say well done – you’ve worked really hard and we think you deserve it! I have been nominated before for awards before and got to the finals only to find that another equally hard working woman was more deserving than I so everyone says better luck next time and keep trying and so you move on and plug away….:)

However perhaps I should brace myself here and give myself some credit for all I’ve achieved with the help of my wonderful family and friends. Success to me is when someone says “Thank you” for that lovely cup of tea you’ve made them, or they oooh and ahhh over the delciousness of your cupcake that you baked that morning or perhaps a bride writes to you and says what an amazing cake you did for her wedding and how it was everything and more she dreamed it would be… Or perhaps the real measure of success to me is at the end of a day when I cuddle up with my babies – my sons Alex and Samuel and we have lots of mummy time and hilarious laughs and tickles and eventually we all fall asleep, happy in the knowledge that we are truly loved and accepted.

To me that is absolutely 100% priceless because they’re worth it!