Diary of a cupcake stalker

Lately I’ve been getting SO much attention I’m flattered! I can’t expect everyone to understand it but you see I’m so appealing , so naughty but nice, so delicious that Mags can’t resist baking more and more cupcakes. So I feel that my plan to dominate her life is working 🙂 I have noticed however that things have started to slip – although her children love eating freshly baked cupcakes they are demanding something more substantial. Could it be that she is actually listening to them and not Moi? Her husband is also looking liek he could do with her time but I know she’s in love with me – isn’t she?

Also there’s a secret pile of laundry that keeps distracting her away from me. Although I’ve done my best with flour explosions and icing sugar storms to make sure she has to change her clothes regularly, it’s everyone elses spare socks and undies that are taking her away from spending time with me…just jealous I guess. I’ll have to look extra alluring tonight because we’re putting on a display at Bo Concept in Bournemouth and she’ll have to spend the evening with me and my mates so I’m winning – just for now!


Creativity is in all of us!

When I’m asked to do a cake for a customer I love to know as much as possible about them – their likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests. It helps me to be as creative as possible when it comes to designing a bespoke cake tailored just for them. Imagine the delight you see on someone’s face when you take the lid off the box to their very own cake and they are amazed at what you have done for them – even down to knowing that they prefer chocolate sponge to vanilla or that they’re mad about fishing and there it is in front of them – a little glimpse of them crafted out of sugarpaste!

Friends and family often say “Oh just do a chocolate cake with decorations…” but my role is really to make it special for them. My own husband never celebrated a birthday, because he was mostly brought up in a kids home and when he met me and I just knew he loved tasting my home made carrot cake. So I baked a carrot cake especially for him with miniature carrots and creamy frosting and Happy Birthday Paul in writing on it. I’ll never forget his face and how magical that moment was. So I guess, ever since I was a little girl I like to re-live those precious moments when faces are dancing before you smiling away for the big Birthday wish as you blow out your candles and wish the moment could last forever!

I fully believe that same creativity is in all of us whether you enjoy gardening and get a kick out of trimming your roses or even mowing your lawn in a swirly pattern. We’re all created in the image of God and therefore that creativity has it’s workings out in so many ways. It all started with ‘Let there be light!’ and there it was!

Here’s a selection of some of the cakes I’ve done – one of them was for a friend’s daughter called Olivia and I brought her little crayon pictures to life in sugarpaste!

In defense of the humble cupcake

I’ve noticed that lately my little friend has been coming in for a lot of stick in the press. Perhaps because we’ve been friends for a long time I feel prompted to spring to her defence however for those of you reading this who have an aversion to cupcakes or cannot even bear to look upon her I must protest. Ever since I can remember, my Mum baked for us. As soon as we came through the door from school, famished from all our studying we immediately smelt the wonderful aroma of cakes or scones coming from our kitchen. The lure was irresistible; and over drinks of milk or squash we’d tell mum about our day at school and laugh around the table as we enjoyed the delights of sponge cakes and fairy cakes topped with icing and sprinkles.

So it comes as no surprise that today I love baking and seeing my children enjoy the same sense of appreciation around cupcakes and baking because it really does evoke such happy memories to me of what a home should be all about. Whilst I’m not implying that I’m the proverbial mother with apron on waiting for her children to skip through the door, I do actually make a business of my baking and supply local cafes and coffee shops with my cupcakes.

My husband has never understood the relationship women have with cupakes or cakes. He thinks it’s a girlie thing however I beg to differ because my boys can munch their way through cakes and still not put on an ounce of weight. And whilst hubby tut tuts about cake and icing he is actually partial to a bit of a sugar rush himself so I feel he’s a closet cakeaholic who’s actually in denial! Oh yes, well I remember our courting days spent hill walking working up an appetite for a cuppa at the end and yes you guessed it ….CAKE!

So back to my friend the cupcake. Yes, I have curves and I’m proud of them and to be truthful I’ve never joined the camp of the skinnies who deny themselves daily and sacrifice the delights of rich red velvet sponge topped with creamy cream cheese topping or even banoffee pie with oozing caramel inside and moist banana sponge that melts in your mouth. However you can have your cake and eat it provided it’s in moderation. Even Victoria Beckham and Gwynneth Paltrow are I’ve heard a bit partial to cupcakes so I guess they work off the calories after they’ve had their guilty pleasures!

And for those who’ve never even indulged –  they’ll never know how good that feels or tastes or perhaps, they too are salivating at their next cupcake fix, because in reality eating a cupcake brings out the child in all of us. It’s that first taste of soft icing adorning the eggy tasting sponge cake that gets the juices flowing, and brings back those oh-so- happy memories to us all. And I bet if they tasted my baking they’d be back for more!

Let’s go easy on our friend the cupcake and savour her pleasures just for a moment in time – ahhhhh that’s better now that wasn’t hard was it?